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Camp Stove Pro Blog

Camp Stove Pro Blog

  1. Well I hope all you campers are having better luck with good weather for camping. Here in Northern New Hampshire it as been raining since the beginning of June sometimes all day and into the next. However the sun is shinning today and the forecast for the next ten days calls for sunny with temperatures in the mid seventies, so it sounds promising for a camp out adventure.

    We did take some short drives to check out areas we could go to as soon as the weather cleared and two of the areas that looked very interesting with camping facilities, lakes for boating and fishing, and mountain trails for hiking with picturesque streams and cascading water falls, are called “notches”. Being from the west and not familiar with the term I thought to myself, “ what is a notch” and found that it is a local term that describes a type of gorge, valley, or canyon called a notch. For example the Crawford Notch out west might be called Crawford Canyon or maybe Crawford Gorge.

    There are two of these notches close to where we are, one is the Franconia Notch on interstate 93 and the other is the Crawford Notch on state highway 302. I am sure we will be camping in these areas soon and have many camping adventures and stories to tell in future posts. So check back often to catch up on what we are up to at Camp Stove Pro and please feel free to comment on your own camping adventures.

    See you in the next post.


    In the Salt Lake and beyond post I mentioned a little pub in Utica, Illinois that had the best wings I had ever tasted, well when I mentioned this to my son in law, Kevin, I knew he would want to try and duplicate the recipe and cook some up because he enjoys grilling and cooking for his family.

    So shortly after we arrived at their home in New Hampshire Kevin and I started discussing the ingredients we would need and what cooking method we would use. I told Kevin based on my knowledge from the pub in Utica the ingredients we would need would be butter, minced garlic, Parmesan cheese powder and a little salt and pepper along with the wings of course.

    We discussed a number of different cooking methods, we could bake them, deep fry them,broil them, grill them or fry them. After much thought and discussion, (and a few beers) we decided to use a cast iron skillet to brown and partially cook them, then put them in a baking pan with the butter, minced garlic and Parmesan powder and let them cook in the oven for about fifteen minutes at 450 degrees till they were bubbly and golden brown.

    We started out with 5 wings as a test before we cooked a whole batch. The first thing we realized was the cast iron skillet was to messy splattering grease everywhere, also the wings were taking to long to cook and were not browning evenly. So we decided put the next batch on the gas grill before baking. After the first five were done baking with all the ingredients I gave the first wing a try. It lacked the full flavor I was looking for so we added more minced garlic and Parmesan powder drizzled with more melted butter and then put them back in the oven for a couple of minutes. These came out tasting very close to the Utica wings. So we grilled a batch of about 20 more wings till they were golden brown then into the baking pan with lots of butter minced garlic and Parmesan powder we also added a new ingredient at Kevin’s request some drops of a special hot sauce he had been saving for just such an occasion. Then into the oven to bake for ten minutes at 450 degrees. The result if I do say so myself were outstanding. The wings were incredible.

    We had a great time cooking laughing and eating wings and having a few beers. There were plenty of wings to go around and we even had some left over for the next day.

    I hope you all had as much fun as we did over the memorial day weekend and took time to remember and give thanks to the brave men and women in service past and present who made it possible for us to have the freedom we enjoy.

  3. Hello fellow campers and travelers, here is latest update to our travels across the country:

    When you are traveling on the road full time you learn to expect the unexpected and deal with issues as they arise , such has been the case on our journey to New Hampshire.

    Our problems began as we were preparing to leave Las Vegas we brought all our slides in, hooked up and were prepared to leave when we noticed that our main slide on the trailer was slowly creeping back  out,  due to (we determined) air in the hydraulic lines.

    Our temporary solution to this problem was to wedge a 2×4 on the main slide to keep it from creeping. Feeling that  we had the problem solved for the moment, we began our journey.

    Things seemed okay and as explained in the previous post   we traveled to Beaver Utah where we spent the first night without incident.  The following morning we drove  into Salt Lake, arriving  around noon, parked the trailer at a shopping mall and met a good friend for lunch.

    When we got back to the trailer after lunch we noticed that the far end of the main slide that wasn’t wedged by the 2×4 was sticking out and when I tried to put the slide back in it became painfully evident that the slide was coming in at an angle and wouldn’t close all the way. Moving the slide back out to even it up and then put it back in just made the situation worse, now the slide was half out, half in and sitting cockeyed in the slot! This was at about 2pm in the afternoon. After a few calls to repair services in the area and a very stressful 2 hour wait a nice repairman named Mike showed up and after another hour or so and a couple hundred  dollars in repair costs, Mike got the slide to go out and in correctly, however it was still creeping out, so this time I put the 2×4 at the top of the slide in the middle to hopefully even out the pressure. That seemed to work and we finally got to a KOA camp ground in Salt Lake about 8pm.

    Friday morning  May 11th we headed northeast on interstate 80 and stopped at a Home Depot in Park City, Utah where I  purchased 5 wooden poles cut to the proper measurement and put 3 across the top of the slide out and one on either side hoping this would solve the problem till we could get the air out of the lines permanently. We then continued on to Rock Springs, Wyoming. In the mean time Cyndy got on her RV forums to find out how to bleed the air out of the lines so the slide out would stop creeping alleviating the need  for the five wooden braces.

    On a positive note the weather was beautiful blue sky’s with the temperature in the upper 70′s, great scenery coming out of Utah through the mountains and out onto the Wyoming  high plains with herds of cattle and an occasional group of antelope grazing on the sage brush.

    We stayed at a KOA campground next to interstate 80 in Rock Springs,Wyoming. The next day, Saturday May 12 we drove to Cheyenne, Wyoming  and set up camp at a place called Terry’s Bison ranch where they have a herd of buffalo grazing in a fenced area behind the camp ground.

    The weather was still holding up and Cyndy got some instructions on the forum telling us how to bleed the air from the hydraulic lines that operate the slide outs. The instructions explained to  run all the slides out then bring them in,  in a specific order then back out in a reverse order and back in using the original order, then run the main slide out and in twice. This procedure  seems to have solved most of the problem. Now  after traveling an hour or so the slide would only creep out very slightly and when we made a pit stop we would bump it back in and it stayed in for the balance of the days travels, so that problem seems to be pretty much resolved.

    From Saturday May 12th until Saturday May 19th things went smoothly without incident we traveled through Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Indiana on interstate 80 enjoying beautiful weather and scenery. We ate at a little pub in Utica, Illinois that had the best garlic Parmesan wings I have ever tasted. Saturday evening May 19th we met with family at a camp ground on the shore of  Lake Erie, spent some time on the beach and had a great visit.

    Sunday the 20th we got an early start hoping to make good time and get about half way to our first destination in New Hampshire. However, it was not to be. We got about 15 miles out of Erie, Pa on interstate 90 and as I was driving along I glanced in the rear view mirror and saw a small shinny object fly out from the rear of the truck, I thought, what the heck was that! A little farther down the road both Cyndy and I noticed a vibration like a rough wash board road but the road was smooth. We pulled over to investigate and discovered that our left rear wheel on the truck had lost all the lug nuts and bolts except for two and the tire was ready to come off!

    We both realized how very lucky we were that we stopped when we did, if we would have continued on, the wheel would have come off  creating a disastrous if not fatal accident. We can only guess what caused the lugs to come loose, I believe someone had to have loosened them because we had traveled over 1,000 miles since they were last taken off and put back on and if they had not been torqued properly they would have come loose a lot sooner than 1,000 miles. We will never know for sure but the result could have been a lot worse than it was.

    Now we were on the side of the road and it took about 2 hours of waiting for tow vehicles. One to tow the truck to the closest dealer and the other to tow us and our trailer to the nearest campground. We ended up being towed to the Family Affair Campground in Northeast, Pennsylvania where we spent Sunday afternoon and evening in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with a pond and farm animals and some friendly people.

    Cramer Chevrolet in Northeast, Pa. got the wheel and lugs replaced and had the truck ready to go by noon on Monday the 21st. so we  hooked up and got in a couple of hours driving and camped at the Frost Ridge Campground in Leroy, New York about 350 miles from our destination in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire.

    We arrived at our New Hampshire destination about 5 in the afternoon on Tuesday the 22nd and are parked at, my son-in-law, kevin's house which will be our base camp as we travel New England to camp out and enjoy all that New England has to offer. It's going to be a great time so stay tuned.

    We’ll keep you posted!

    PHOTO'S  from top to bottom: Family affairs campground North East PA.

                                                Son-in-law's home in New Hampshire

                                                Terry's Bison Ranch Cheyenne, Wyo.

                                                Creeping slide-out Salt Lake City Mall

  4. Summer is almost upon us and at Camp Stove Pro we are on the move. We will be traveling from our home base in Yuma,Az. across the U.S. to the east coast to places like Boston, New Hampshire and Connecticut. We left Yuma the last week of April in our 36 ft. 5th wheel trailer that we pull with a 2003 Siverado one ton dually, we stopped to visit friends in Las Vegas, and are now traveling along Interstate 15 Through Utah. Today we ended up in the small town of Beaver were we will stay the night in the Beaver Canyon Campground a nice little RV park with a great mexican restaurant. Tomorrow it's on to Salt Lake and beyond. When we travel on the road we always like to take our time and enjoy the scenery and the people we meet along the way. Over the years we have made some wonderful friends and have had some exciting and enjoyable experiences. We have had to deal with a few bumps in the road for sure but the friends and experiences we have had and the thing we have learned far out wiegh any problems we have encountered in our travels. We are looking forward to some great camping and outdoor adventures as we travel across the country this summer and we will be sharing them right here on the Camp Stove Pro Blog, so stay tuned there is alot more to come... and remember no matter were your adventures take you this summer, Don't Forget The Camp Stove...

  5. Trout in a cast iron skillet

    When I was a young boy on camping and fishing trips with my Dad, one of the most important items was the cast Iron skillet we used whenever we cooked a meal. For breakfast it was used for bacon, eggs and fried potatoes. Lunch was usually a hard boiled egg and a box of raisins eaten while we were out  fishing. Then at dinner our catch of brook and rainbow trout was cooked up in the skillet prepared with cornmeal and cooked in butter. They were simple meals to fix and in the city would not have been considered special, but in mountains on a fishing trip it was the most delicious satisfying meal anyone could imagine and the cast Iron skillet was a magical kitchen tool that turned my Dad into a master chef with amazing culinery abilities.

    The care and cleaning was an art form in itself. The skillet was wrapped up in a terry cloth towel and stored in a special place with other kitchen camping equipment and was brought out and carefully unwrapped at meal time. When the meal was finished the the skillet was set aside not to be washed with other utensils, instead it was wiped clean with paper towels leaving only the coating of oil that kept it seasoned. It was then wrapped up in the terry cloth towel and stored away ready for use at the next meal.

    Somehow  food always tasted so much better when I was camping with my dad and he was cooking on his magical cast iron skillet.

  6. It's about 30 days till our first big three day weekend, Memorial day. This year it happens on May the 26th, 27th and 28th and if it's anything like previous years, the camp grounds and camping areas for hiking and backpacking will be over flowing.

    So if you haven't already, right now would be a good time to figure out where you are going for your weekend trip. Then make the necessary arrrangements as soon as you can

    in order to have a spot reserved and ready when the holiday comes.

    Also check your camping gear for needed repair or replacement and start getting prepared right away. Make a list of the food you will want to have with you on your trip.

    One of the great things about camping out, if you already have most of your camping gear, is the trip can be done with a limited amount of additional expense and even if you don't have camping gear available, you can make do with the items you do have and acquire the items you don't have a little at a time as funds permit. If for example you don't have a sleeping bag and air mattress a few blankets and a pillow will do. If you don't have a tent you can make one with a tarp and some dead tree branches. The whole idea of camping out with your friends, your family or by yourself is the adventure of doing something different. So don't end up on the memorial day weekend being a couch potato and doing nothing.

    Prepare now and on the first 3 day holiday of 2012 get out there and enjoy an adventure in the great outdoors.

    P.S. don't forget the camp stove!

  7. The White Box Stove for camping has just recently been added to the Camp Stove Pro product line.White Box Stoves are considered a "GREEN" stove which means they are environmentally friendly. They are made from heavy duty recycled aluminum bottles the shells are cleaned and sanitized with all painted labels removed. Which means you don't have to breathe burning paint fumes that are potentially unhealthy for you and fewer toxic gases are released into the environment. These aluminum bottle stoves will hold up to 3 ounces of fuel and boil up to 8 cups of water on one fill of fuel and has a total burn time of up to 23 minutes.
    It was designed to be used by 2 or 3 people on extended trips, day hikes and weekend jaunts and to be used with pots that have a 5 inch diameter or wider base.
    The stove uses denatured alcohol or methyl alcohol (HEET in yellow bottle) it is approximately 2.25 inches high and weighs approximately 1 ounce.
    The price is a mere $20 dollars plus $3 dollars to ship it to your door.
    We at Camp Stove Pro feel it is a great asset to our growing line of quality products.

  8. Free Admission is going to be available the week of April 21 through April 29th. So either Sat. the 21st and Sunday the 22nd or Sat. the 28th and Sunday the 29th would be a great weekend to go camping at your favorite National Park. Or play hookey and stay all week.

    The National Park Service by Presidential decree has alloted this time frame of no fee admission to all 397 National Parks so that Americans and their families can enjoy the beauty and scenery that is available on these government lands.

    These parks are not only filled with beauty and history but are well maintained with the facilities necessary for a great camping experience such as latrines, fire rings and well organized spots for tents and trailers to park and set up. Many of the parks are including special events and programs for the entire family to enjoy during the National Parks week of celebration.

    So pack up the family and head for the hills while the free fees are available. P.S. Don't forget the Camp Stove!

  9. Okay, we are now well into April 2012 and its time to start thinking about where we are going to go and what we are going to do for some summer adventures!

    Whether it's going to the lake to do some camping and fishing, going hiking in the mountains, going to the dunes with a buggy or ATV, going to the beach to campout in the sand or just some outdoor fun in the back yard. It's time to take stock of our outdoor equipment. Let's find out what we can clean up dust off and use again, what needs to be repaired and what needs to be replaced.

    For sure one of the items that needs to be checked out is the camp stove. Is it working good? Does it need new parts or should we just get a new one? Maybe it was too big or a little to small for our needs or maybe we need a big one for family camping and a small one for backpacking and hiking.

    What ever the camp stove needs are, you can find the right stove for the job here at Camp Stove Pro. We have 2 and three burner stoves for family camping and single burner stoves for hiking or backpacking. We have stoves made for use with just about any fuel a person would want to burn, from wood to propane, kerosene or diesel fuel. No matter what you decide, the most important thing of all is to make plans now, be prepared with the proper equipment and get out there with family and/or friends and create some summer adventures you can remember and talk about for years to come.

  10. Camping Season is Almost Here

    By Howard Hicks

    Camping season is almost here. It's time to get ready! Right now is a good time to check all your camping equipment. Air out your tents, sleeping bags backpacks and hiking gear. Take inventory of your camping gear, make sure you have all the necessary camping equipment for your next outdoor adventure check your outdoor kitchen items, utensils, pots,pans, dishes and camp stove. Make sure these items are clean and working properly. Check lanterns, hatchets, knives, flashlights, fishing gear etc. Repair any items you determine are worth keeping and replace any items that look to old or broken to repair. Make a camping inventory list and double check it to make sure you have everything you need and it is in good working order. Make a shopping list of replacement items.

    It's time to get ready for all the new outdoor adventures that are waiting for you and yours in this new summer of 2012.


    camp chef ovenOne - two - 3 burner stovesDutch Oven

    Camp Chef, the power of a big backyard outdoor grill and the versatility of a camp stove.

    Camp chef stoves have the versatility to handle just about any cooking situation and are portable enough to pack up and transport to any outdoor cooking event whether it's camping, Tailgating, having a picnic or backyard barbecue.

    The camp Chef stoves come in 3 basic sizes, a one burner, a 2 burner and a 3burner stove, each has 30,000 BTU's per burner giving the 2 burner a total of 60,000BTU's of heat and the 3 burner 90,000BTU's of heat . So even though the 3 burner stove is light enough ( weighing about 60 lbs.) so that it can be taken from place to place without difficulty, it has the cooking surface and heating capacity of the much larger stationary back yard gas grills.

    This means that no matter what the outdoor occasion with the Camp Chef stoves you are always ready to cook up an outdoor feast.

    Many outdoor cooking pros have acquired a variety of Camp Chef cooking products to enhance there cooking skills while giving them a variety of cooking options. For example: while cooking steaks or ribs on a 2 or three burner stove an outdoor chef could also be cooking sea food crab, lobster or clams as an example in a large pot on a single burner stove. Because of the 30,000 BTU output of each burner everything cooks nicely in a reasonable amount of time.

    Another use for the single burner might be to cook a side dish or desert in a Camp chef  deep cast iron dutch oven, while cooking the main course on one of the 2 or 3 burner stoves.

    The stoves are also easy to clean and maintain with very few parts to replace, making it a stove that will last for many many years if cleaned and maintained properly after each use.

    Along with the versatility of the one, two and three burner stoves, Camp Chef also offers a portable gas oven with a unique grill/burner combo on top of the oven making it possible to  roast or bake many meals that can't be produced on a regular camp stove.

    An outdoor chef who has these items in his outdoor kitchen is ready to take on any cooking task with success in just about any outdoor venue .  

  12.  camping gear






    While visiting Oregon this year I had an opportunity to spend some time camping with my cousin Jim. We went to a campground just outside of Sisters,Oregon where we spent 4 days and 3 nights. My wife and I had just recently purchased a tent and wanted to try it out and this seemed like the perfect time. Along with our tent  we brought a queen size Aero Bed mattress, a couple of sleeping bags and our 2 burner camp stove. Jim said that was all we would need because he would bring all the other essentials necessary for the trip.

    While my wife and I do almost all of our camping out of our 36 ft. 5th wheel trailer. Jim and his wife have done all of their camping for years  using a Chevy 1/2 ton pickup, with a camper shell on the back and over time have created a unique set of storage boxes and camping items that makes their camping experiences very comfortable. Since it is so unique I asked Jim to write down what he does so I could share it in my Camp Stove Pro Blog. This is what Jim sent to me.

    “The following is what we take camping in our Silverado  ½  ton extended cab short bed (6-½ ft) pickup. We carry three wood boxes that are 15 inches high with the following lengths and widths. 18 by 29, 23 by 32 and 24 by 29.

    In the 18 x 29 box we carry the tent (10 by 12 ), area rugs, a hammer, a level, a door mat, bolts for the bed and leveling blocks for the bed.

    In the 23 by 32 box we carry a 2 burner cooking stove and propane, a small propane heater, lighter fluid, strikers, cooking pots and frying pan, plastic dishes, a coffee pot, a can opener, silverware, tongs, a spatula, salt and pepper, trash and storage bags, a large bowl for washing dishes, a dish drain rack, dish and hand soap and a scrubber.

    In the 24 by 29 box we carry a portable toilet, a bucket and water carrier, a camp shower and hanging rope, inexpensive rain ponchos and a sleeping bag.

    The 3 boxes take up about half of the truck bed. In the other half we carry storage tubs with the following:

    Bedding including a mattress pad and sheets, a blanket and comforter, a 1and ½ inch foam pad that goes on top of the 5 inch foam mats that we use on the queen bed, a charcoal stove, another storage tub with dry goods, packaged or canned food and other items from home and 2 tubs full of firewood. On top of the boxes and tubs we carry the 28 inch by 80 inch foam mats used on the queen bed, the bed frame and platform wood for the bed, suite cases, folding chairs, a wood saw, an axe, a fire place poker and various other miscellaneous items. A large cooler goes in the back seat.

    The nicest thing about our way of camping is the bed because once it’s level it’s like sleeping on your bed at home.”

    Two things that were impressive to me is how he uses a bed frame that he levels with leveling blocks and a level to insure that no matter how  the terrain slops their bed is always level and keeps them from sliding up or down or from side to side which is what happens to most of us that use a tent for camping and at the end of the camping trip or season, all the boxes come out of the camper shell and are stacked and stored, ready for the next trip.

    I think that my cousin Jim has put together some unique ways to make tent camping an easy, comfortable way to enjoy the great outdoors.

  13. Bone Suckin' Sauce


    There are as many BBQ sauce recipes and brands of BBQ sauce’s as there are people looking for them. One they can use with a favorite recipe with just the right flavor and tang  when grilling or cooking pork, chicken or beef with that special BBQ flavor.

    There is a large number of these BBQ lovers that want to make sure that the sauce they use doesn’t have any artificial flavoring or preservatives that can ruin the natural flavor of  the food they are used on.

    These discriminating BBQ lovers are always on the look out for a BBQ sauce that meets or exceeds their expectations for quality and flavor.

    A Company that was formulated over 60 years ago has been producing just such a product. The name of the company is Ford’s Gourmet Foods and the sauce is called Bone Suckin’ Sauce. There is a variety of sauces and rubs that are available in the Bone Suckin’ Sauce line and they are all made from natural ingredients and are gluten-free. The original Bone Suckin’ Sauce has a wonderful aroma that is sweet with a hint of apple, mustard, lemon, onions, and the “smokiness” that all barbecue sauces try to create. There is a thick style sauce that is  heavier than the original with chunks of onion and peppers in a tangy-sweet, Carolina-style sauce that is naturally sweetened with honey and molasses, and packed with flavor from apple cider vinegar, horse-radish, and mustard, all this and a hint of smoke, makes this a great sauce for grillin’ or dippin’.

    There are also some excellent rubs available the Original Seasoning & Rub is a proprietary blend of brown sugar, paprika, garlic and spices that is perfect for marinating and BBQ – even popcorn and salads. Great on Ribs, Pork, Beef, Chicken, Seafood, Venison, Beans, Pasta, Vegetables, Steaks… just about anything. Then there is the hot seasoning rub that adds a cayenne kick, a perfect addition to the proprietary blend of brown sugar, paprika, garlic and spices in the original.  This perfect combination of spicy, salty and sweet brings just the right amount of heat to this versatile new product.

    Once again the ingredients in all the products are   all natural, no preservatives, gluten free and certified kosher.

    If you are a BBQ lover you owe it to yourself to give these products a try!


    Grillin Tools

    The 2011 fall season is fast approaching. It’s that wonderful time of year when the summer fades into brisk cooler days, the smell of fallen leaves is in the air and the bright fall colors of the  leaves as they turn from green to shades of red, brown, orange and yellow is everywhere. Its a great time of year to get outside and enjoy taking part in various outdoor activities.


    What has become one of the most popular activities for this time of year is a tailgate party at a favorite college or pro football arena parking lot. Here is where most of the fans gather on any given Sunday, well before the game, to cook their favorite meals and snacks and show off their skills as an outdoor chef, to talk about their favorite players, prognosticate about the game and it’s strategies as they drink beer and prepare  food on their favorite  portable propane stove or grill.

    At these parties, many of the participants like to showcase their vehicles, the cooking stove that they use as well as their cooking tools, a good grilling spatula, basting brush, grilling tongs, fork and skewers, a must for every  good outdoor chef.

    A great touch to these special grilling tools is to have your teams logo on the handle of each tool along with a logo on the aluminum carrying case.

    At Camp Stove Pro, these grilling tools are available with all of the logos from major league baseball, NFL teams as well as all the college football teams. Ordering is easy, simply go to the type of sport either Major League Baseball, NFL or College football team, then pick your favorite team from the drop down menu and your all set.

    Having a set of these grillin tools is a must to be able to manipulate, baste and prepare food easily on the grill and show support for your favorite team at the same time.

    So get your set with your favorite team logo and let’s go tailgating, boo yah!


    wong dongs


    The wonderful thing to me about living in campgrounds or rv parks is as you travel, you find favorite places that you end up coming back to whenever you are in that part of the country. You  see a lot of the same friends as they come and go, mixed in with new people that end up becoming friends and a part of you little community. You are able to stay in touch through email correspondence or mobile phone text or voice messages. Inevitably at these gatherings you end up finding out about new Ideas in camping, , cooking, and various drink concoctions. Last Wednesday night was a perfect example.
    The space that we are parked in is right across from the campfire pavilion (convenient right )where everyone gathers from time to time to sit around an old washing machine tub made into a fire pit. On this particular evening there was an exceptionally large group around the campfire. A lot of laughing and talking going on so naturally being the nosy couple that we are we hustled over to see what was happening. When asked one of the people said we are cooking wong dongs, why they called it that is beyond me, but after further investigation we learned that they were making biscuits on a stick. So here is how it is done. You get biscuit dough in a can the kind that you hit on the edge of a table and the dough pops out,you separate the individual biscuits and work them onto a dowel at the end of a stick. You then hold the stick over the fire until the biscuit is golden brown.  Let it cool for a minute or so then pull it off of the stick and fill the hole with any kind of goody you can think of , the sky is the limit. We were filling ours with fresh cut fruits and berries and some cool whip on top. They were amazingly good and  fun to make while gabbing with each other around the campfire. I am sure that there are many people out there in camping land that know about this ritual and have been doing it for years, but it is something that was brand new to us. If it is new to you and you want see a video on how it is done you can go to you tube video If you have never done this before give it a try its really a lot of fun. If you have kids they will love it. If you don’t want to spend much money you can make your own stick for little or nothing. Home depot or Lowes has dowels in various sizes and lengths for a couple of bucks then just find a stick or pole to attach it to. The ones we were using had poles made from old golf clubs with the club head removed and the dowel attached to the end. Some were made using an old broom stick. Needless to say it is something that we will be bringing to rallies and camping functions that we attend now that we know the process. So let the campfires burn and the good times roll. Happy trails

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